VPS Service is now upgraded to Cloud Virtual Service CVS!

6th May 2021 Edit

  We are excited and pleased to come to you with one of the first new service upgrades we will be launching in 2021! As you may have already noticed, we have been cleaning up our Helpdesk layout, and now it is time to share with you the upgrade for one of our services. Until now, when you wanted to order a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with ...

Management Portal Upgrade

22nd Jul 2021 Edit

Hello; We upgraded the backend management portal, if you experience any bugs please immediately report to our team.    

Promo: Dual E5-2678v3 / 64GB / 1TB NVME Starting at $129/month!

28th Jul 2021 Edit

Hello! Once again, Sharktech would like to thank you for being our valued customer and your continued business with us. We are pleased to announce our Summer Promotion 2021 with our special offer on the Dual Xeon E5-2678V3 dedicated servers at our data center in Los Angeles. In addition to the high processing power, each of these dedicated ...

Cloud Hosting Services Live!

9th May 2022 Edit

It gives me great pleasure, after working over the past year on perfecting our Cloud Infrastructure as a Service solution, to announce the completion of our deployments and that Sharktech is ready to provide this service at all our current service locations: Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam. Our new Cloud Hosting Solution (Dedicated ...

CVS Service Update (Bandwidth)

26th May 2022 Edit

We have made some changes to our Cloud Virtualization Service platform. Now, CVS will only be monitoring the total bandwidth utilization of the service, and will not be monitoring based on virtual machine. This means, you will no longer allocate bandwidth limits per virtual machine, and the system will be monitoring your total bandwidth ...

Reverse DNS Manager Now Available!

18th Aug 2022 Edit

We are pleased to announce the addition of DNS Manager to our Customer Portal. Now through our Customer Portal you are able to update your Reverse DNS records and it's updated within seconds across our systems. To access the DNS Manager, click on Services and on top right you will see "DNS Manager". This service is currently unavailable for CVS ...

Fall 2022: Xeon Silver 4114 Now Available!

16th Sept 2022 Edit

Sharktech is pleased to announce that we are now offering high performance Dual Xeon Silver 4114 CPUs with our dedicated servers starting September 2022. The following are basic configurations that are available at our four data centers. Please note that these offers are  scalable and can be upgraded to Dual Xeon Gold 6130 for additional ...

Networks Upgrades Notice

30th Sept 2022 Edit

We would like to first apologize for the network quality for the past 2 weeks, this is not the quality we strive to provide our customers. Some interim measures were taken to address these issues, these measures are  short-term, and will be removed once we have the network capacity addressed in the next few days. As you are surely aware of by ...

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